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Antonio Minifield and Anderica Gunnerson

Photo cred: Sheleka Laseter


Antonio Minifield April 2015


Antonio Minfield, founder of the YNOT Foundation and his magnficent team was able to raise $1,250 in scholarship money in this past April's scholarship fashion show, Encrypted Elements. This was the 2nd annual scholarship fashion show. The event was held in Birmingham, Alabama at Woordrow Hall, where it was a sold out show! This event involved models, makeup artists, and hairstylists from all over the state of Alabama. Vendors also had the opportunity to set up booths prior to the start of the event. The show was hosted by iPush Magazine Christine Lee and for the second year in counting Jermaine "Funny Maine" Johnson.


Pictured to the left, are two of the three scholarship winners. At top is pictured Alexander Cordonna, who enrolled in Auburn University this fall and the bottom is Anderica Gunnerson, who enrolled in Birmingham Southern. Not pictured is Mia Barraza, who was unable to attend the event due to other obligations, she is currently attending The University of Alabama at Birmingham. We had over 50 students this year to apply for the scholarship and we are looking for an even bigger turnout of applications in 2016. Our goal next year is to raise $5,000 in scholarship money; however, we need your help! Dare to be an inspiration and life changer in a high school student's life and encourage them to pursue a high degree of education and to never give up on their dreams. Please feel free to click the YNOT Foundation link above to donate! Thank you!








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Antonio Minifield and Alexander Cordona.

Photo cred: Sheleka Laseter


Antonio Minifield April 2014


Antonio Minfield, a graduating senior Architecture Major, from Birmingham, Alabama, as well as the immediate past SGA President  and his partner, Jaimee Drakewood, Animal Science major from Philadelphia Pennsylvania teamed up to produce a dynamic fashion show to raise money for two high school seniors seeking to pursue a higher degree of education!  



These two Tuskegee students both have developed their own businesses. Antonio Minifield is the founder of a photography business, known as YNOT iMages. Jaimee Drakewood, the model coordinator of the fashion show, owns a model production company by the name of Sexy & Serene Productions. They both were excited to present the “Global Eruption: The Rave of Mother Nature, Fashion Show” on Friday, April 25, 2014 at Logan Hall in Tuskegee, Alabama.  They  invited both emerging and established men's and women’s wear designers with full collections to showcase on the runway during this event. The theme of the fashion show is Continents. The show explored the culture and the styles of the 7 continents, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antartica and Australia and display modern styles of the countries within the continents one scene at a time! In addition the show included musical and dance performances. The show was hosted by former attendent of the Miss Tuskegee Royal Court, Ms. Teidra Martin and 95.7 Jamz host and comedian Jermaine "Funny Maine" Johnson,


Antonio Minifield, a strong advocate for education says the reason he wanted to start the scholarship is because "It is a reflection of my brand #YNOT, YNOT is a phrase that means using your God given potential to the best of your ability, to make a positive impact in society and not letting anyone tell you that you can't, strive to make the impossible, possible. YNOT?"   


Ms. Jaimee Drakewood is a proud single mother, and she says the reason she wants to start her scholarship is because, "Growing up I watched my older sister raise my brother and I, but still managed to push through college to receive her Master's Degree. When I had my son, I thought finishing college would be impossible because of limited funding. Attending a private institution, single mothers are limited with resources; therefore, any funds can help towards an individual's education!"


April 25, 2014, marked a positive impact on the YNOT Scholarship recipient, Mr. Billy Grubbs. He recieved a $500 scholarship and will be attending Tuskegee University Fall 2014. Much success to Mr. Grubbs as he pursue his career in higher education!









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YNOT Foundation

Established by Antonio Minifield 


Under the vision of Antonio Minifield, the YNOT Foundation was started to promote education and to raise funds for high school students that are pursing a higher education by attending college. It is swiftly growing and with the help of sponsors, the foundation will prosper and be a change and a great asset in a high school student's education.


Students will become to believe in themselves and live the term "YNOT," meaning using your God given potential to the best of your ablitity and not letting anyone tell you that you cannot. Believe in yourself; strive to make the impossible, possible.


To Apply for the "YNOT Foundation" Scholarship, please click on the link below. Applicants, must be graduating seniors attending a college or university the following fall after their high school graduation date.


To donate towards the YNOT Foundation please click on the picture to the left. Thank you!

To learn more about the foundation visit



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