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Vegas Brings the Heat!

What an amazing time we had at Valley of Fire National Park in Nevada! I have always dreamed about shooting in the desert. My first thought of shooting in the desert was bring on the heat! Quite surprisingly it was actually chilly. We started our session with Akia and Danny at about 7:30am, and let's just say we brought some attention with the Rangers and at that moment Akia and I became distant "cousins" (insider) lol.

Akia and Danny was such a pleasure to work with, we felt like we had known them for years. When I first mentioned to Akia about shooting in the desert, her first thought was, "You want to come out here? Let's do it!" I kept my cool when she said yes, but the inner me was doing backflips from Alabama to Vegas lol The behind the scene shots in the mix were shot by my fiancé Haley! Baby brought the heat! Hope you enjoy!


BTS shot by Haley

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