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A Fairytale Affair

Bride: Amber, a 25 year old flight attendant for Republic Airways, is from Pinehurst, NC. She enjoys reading, dancing, and exploring the world. She also has an Animal Science degree and MPH from Tuskegee University.

Groom: Kenny, a 26 year old, is a satellite and radio communications specialist for the United States Army. He was a Psychology major at Tuskegee Universtiy. When he’s not busy serving our country, he enjoys going to the gym and watching Netflix with his wife.

Kenny and Amber met in their 8am tennis class at Tuskegee University in August of 2008. She was a freshman and he was a sophomore. Even though our lovely newly weds have been together for 8 years, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, Amber didn’t even want to give Kenny the time of day at first because he was a football player and it didn’t sit too well with her. She remembers her first impression of him vividly. “I thought he was handsome and he looked like Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky, but I was nervous about talking to a football player, so it took him about 3 months to get my number.”

Little did she know that Kenny’s friends were plotting for their boy to get the girl of his dreams. They decided to challenge her and her roommate Ashley to a doubles tennis match. The deal was that if they played the game, they could all go out to the movies; BUT the losing team would have to pay for the winning team’s tickets. Amber ended up losing the match (it’s still undetermined if Kenny and his friends cheated lol) and had to hold up her end of the bargain by treating Kenny to the movies. That was their unofficial first date.

The two hit it off after that and it developed into a loving relationship. But with any relationship comes its ups and downs.“I knew she was “The One” when we had our last break up and it seemed like we were going to go our separate ways, but I just couldn’t let go so I had prayed to God one night asking what I should do. Then it hit me.” Kenny knew that in the back of his mind there was no way his life would be complete without Amber by his side. They were meant to be.

Kenny and Amber got engaged in March of 2015 in Atlanta, GA. Amber recalls, “The engagement was a complete surprise. Everyone knew it was coming EXCEPT for me.” What was supposed to be a “Going Away Celebration for Kenny” was actually a cover up for his plan to ask the woman of his dreams to marry him. They all rode down to the Sundial Restaurant in downtown Atlanta. Amber, who was upset with Kenny and only made the trip because her mom urged her, didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when she saw all of his family there at the restaurant. Kenny suggested that they all go up to the 72nd floor to enjoy the view before they ate dinner. Once they reached the top floor, the family wanted to get pictures of the young couple. Amber was reluctant because she was still mad at him, but she did so anyway. As Amber was getting ready for the photo and admiring the gorgeous view overlooking the city of Atlanta, Kenny was getting on one knee to propose to the love of his life. Amber’s whole demeanor changed when she turned around. “Kenny was reaching in his pocket and getting on his knee in front of his family and mine; and he asked me to marry him. And I said YES. Well, I nodded because I was crying and couldn’t speak. But the moment was absolutely amazing,” said Amber.

Kenny and Amber wed on May 21st, 2016. The theme of their wedding was “A Fairytale Affair”.

This beautiful couple capped off their night with an amazing fireworks show as they exited Sterling Castle to begin their lives together as newlyweds!

Then they jetted off to paradise to spend their honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Over the next 5 years, the couple see themselves becoming parents and living in the southeast region closer to their families. Amber says they also plan to be making huge strides in their careers. “I hope to be working with the CDC in the sector focusing on Epidemiology and environmental science. Kenny plans to finish his contract with the US Army and use his skills to for IT/Computer companies.”

So what are the two newlyweds looking forward to the most about being married? “ Just being able to come home to the person you love everyday. No matter how good or bad the day is, the person that’s promised you forever is there to share your joys and sadness.” We here at YNOT Images send our newlyweds, Kenny and Amber, many blessings and hope their marriage is filled with years of genuine love, peace, and prosperity!


Carmen :D

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